04 March 2013

Contemplation: All Is Integrated

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:

with the threefold contemplation in a single thought [realizing that reality simultaneously has the threefold aspects of emptiness, conventional existence, and the Middle], one [realizes that] all is integrated and that there is not one color or scent that is not the Buddha-nature.  Without traversing the three aeons one immediately completes the practice of a [Bodhi]sattva, and without transcending one thought, one directly approaches the fruit of [the ultimate Buddha Maha]vairocana.  One fulfills perfect awakening on a seat of space.  The triple body [of the Buddha] is perfectly complete, and there is no one [who is] superior.   This result is truly the goal of this [Tendai] school.
Gishin,  The Collected Teachings of the Tendai Lotus School,  pp. 135-136

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