15 November 2015

Contemplation: The ocean of impediment

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:

The ocean of impediment of all karmas
Is produced from one's false imagination.
Should one wish to repent it
Let him sit upright and mediate on the true aspect [of reality].
All sins are just as frost and dew,
So wisdom's sun can disperse them.
Therefore with entire devotion
Let him repent of his six sense organs.

The Sutra of Meditation on the Bodhisattva Universal Virtue (translated by Kojiro Miyasaka with revisions by Pier P. Del Campana), The Threefold Lotus Sutra, pp 365-6.

06 November 2015

Contemplation: The Great Vow of Universal Salvation

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:

This is to take a vow that one will liberate all sentient beings, down to the last one, no matter how long it may take to cause them to attain the perfect nirvana, for one will be conforming oneself to the essential nature of Reality, which is characterized by the absence of discontinuity. The essential nature of Reality is all-embracing and pervades all sentient beings; it is everywhere the same and one without duality; it does not distinguish this from that, because it is, in the final analysis, in the state of quiescence.

The Awakening of Faith (trans. Hakeda), reprint edition p.82.

24 October 2015

Contemplation: Dwelling in the world

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:
Dwelling in the world like that of space,
There is no attachment, like the lotus flower floating in the pond.
Mind purification beyond is beyond attachment.
Solemnly pray toward the unsurpassed Worthy One, 
touching your head to the ground.
"Gobai: Later Song" as recited at Tendai Buddhist Institute

22 October 2015

Day of Meditation & Contemplation

Please join us for a full day of meditation, contemplation, and sharing the Buddha's teachings.
Sunday, 22 November 2015 - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Held at our Yoga in Daily Life location
2402 Mt Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22301

A light vegetarian breakfast will be provided before service. Please bring a vegetarian bag lunch and a small snack to share.
Space is limited to 15 participants.
A $40 donation is suggested. No one will be turned away for lack of funds
For registration, please contact junsennettles@gmail.com

16 September 2015

Jikan Taking a Leave of Absence

Greetings all,

I wanted to let everyone know that I have requested of the Board of our sangha and our leadership at the New York Betsuin a brief leave of absence.  I will resume the leadership of our regular activities in January of 2016.  In the interim, the sangha's bi-weekly meetings and other activities will continue under the excellent direction of Junsen Chris Nettles, who has my every confidence and is my trusted friend and collaborator. 

This leave is necessary because I am on a strict deadline--one that caught me off guard--to complete my dissertation.  And this deadline has me working, working, working at all hours I can manage.I am in good health and in good cheer, but for being stuck in a chair most of the time.

Thank you all for your goodwill, patience, and understanding during this time.

Yours in friendship and gratitude,
Jikan Daniel Anderson

31 August 2015

Upcoming: Day of Mindfulness and Contemplation

Save the Date:  22 November 2015

Join us for a full day of meditation and sharing the Buddha's teachings.  We will get started at 8am.  This event will take place in the upstairs studio at Yoga in Daily Life, on Mt Vernon Avenue in Alexandria.

If you have any questions or would like to join us, email Jikan at JikanAnderson@gmail.com .  You can also follow and help promote this event by sharing this Facebook link, if you use Facebook.

I hope to see you there.

Contemplation: Not a single sight or smell

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your contemplation:
There is nothing that is not true reality. When one fixes the mind on the dharmadhatu as object and unifies one’s mindfulness with the dharmadhatu as it is, then there is not a single sight nor smell that is not the middle way.

From Zhiyi's Edonsho