27 February 2013

Lotus Sutra Study Questions 13

With Chapter 13, we have reached the midpoint of the Lotus Sutra.  After hearing the teachings of the Ekayana and the potential for awakening of all beings, those assembled to hear the sutra promise the Buddha to put the teachings into practice:
Because we are your messengers,
We are fearless before multitudes.
We will expound the Dharma.
Buddha, do not worry!
(Murano trans., p. 208-209).

As we will see in later chapters, particular instructions on how to practice this teaching follow from this vow.  For now, it is worthwhile to reflect on the power of making a firm commitment to doing something honorable, even if you might not know exactly what that entails or what the consequences may be.

Just what are the Buddha's disciples committing to here?  What is the nature of that commitment?

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