03 October 2012

Surangama Sutra Study Questions, part 9

back to the heart of the matter...

Part 9, "Levels of Being," pages 313-388

*How is Ananda doing at this point?  Is he beginning to ask better questions?

*This section describes two phenomena:  the stages one passes through in the Buddhist path, and the trajectories of individuals' lives according to their habits of body, speech, and mind (samsara).  Some basic questions follow from this:

*How does one develop through these stages?

*Considering the experiences of hells and ghosts worlds and god realms described here:  how do these arise?  Are these real in any way, and if so, in what way?

*Why do you suppose these two topics, the path and the characteristics of samsaric life, described together?  What kind of relation is there between the two descriptions?

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