20 January 2011

Our Sangha is Growing. Now What?

Currently, our little group meets in a basement classroom at the Unitarian Universalist church in Arlington, Virginia. This location has been a very fortunate one for us. It is not a sustainable situation, though, because our numbers are growing and our activities are increasing in scope and in frequency. We will eventually outgrow this space: not soon, but sooner rather than later.

And would it not be most excellent for this group to settle into a permanent physical home after over four years of nomadic life?

So we are presently entertaining alternatives: other locations at the UUCA, and in the neighborhood. Also, we are raising funds in advance of increased expense that a move will involve. There are two ways you can help: you can make a donation by PayPal or otherwise in support of these teachings, or you can suggest possible venues for us to practice in. Sincere invitations will be gladly considered.

This is what we need:

*A room that can seat a dozen or fifteen people on the floor, comfortably. It should be uncluttered and tidy.

*A clean and secure place to store our shrine items (they fit in a medium-sized suitcase), a small folding table, and several zafu and zabuton. An ordinary closet works for this.

*Access to a lavatory.

*Location: somewhere in Northern Virginia, within the beltway, such as Annandale, Falls Church, or Arlington. We would really like to be accessible by Metro rail if we can be.

We are fastidious and courteous, and we pay our rent on time.

Please contact me at JikanAnderson@gmail.com if you would like to help us and in doing so, serve the Dharma in the Washington region.

Namo Buddhaya!

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