06 January 2011

About Our Sangha: Re-Beginnings

After about two years of meeting at the Cherrydale Fire Hall, conditions and contingencies led Rev. Lissabet to move the local Tendai sangha to the Walden Room of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Arlington.

This move was an auspicious one in many respects: for starters, many of our regular sangha members became involved on a walking-down-the-hall basis. Our association with the UUCA has been fruitful for us, and I hope mutually beneficial. We still meet at the UUCA, down the hall from the Walden Room.

I was asked to assume leadership of the Tendai sangha in Washington in the summer of 2010. Although I was not a regular attendee of sangha functions, I had maintained an affiliation with the group since its days in Cherrydale.

The rest of the beginning is here for you to see. Beginnings take time and energy. I invite you to join in an help us advance this story past the introduction.

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