05 October 2013

Goodbye, YahooGroups. Hello, BigTent.

For several years now, we have used YahooGroups to maintain our email list and to organize ourselves for events.  This is no longer possible because YahooGroups has become entirely useless for these purposes.  To give some idea of the kinds of difficulties we have had with YahooGroups, two longstanding members of our sangha have been unable to participate in it, and new people who are interested in joining are systematically turned away.  This is completely unacceptable.

Hence, starting now, we are migrating away from YahooGroups and toward a site called BigTent.  You can find our BigTent group here.  If you are currently receiving emails from our Yahoo Group, you will receive an invitation from me to join the BigTent group on Monday, 7 October.  I encourage anyone who is interested in these teachings to join the BigTent group, explore it, and participate. 

Thank you for your understanding and forbearance as we navigate the difficult terrain of contemporary technology.

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