06 August 2012

Surangama Sutra Study Questions, part 1

Our sangha is reading the Surangama Sutra, in the 2009 Buddhist Text Society edition.  These questions are intended to promote a meaningful discussion of the most important aspects of the text.  I will post more as we advance through the sutra.

For pages 5-28 (including the Prologue, "The Request for Dharma," and "The Location of the Mind"):

*What is going on with Ananda?  What is he up to?  What is his problem?

*How would you describe Buddha Shakyamuni's teaching style in this section?

For pages 29-38 ("The Conditioned Mind and the True Mind"):

*What is the difference between the conditioned mind and the true mind?

*Does this distinction shed any light on Ananda's present situation and his attempts at spiritual practice?

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