13 August 2012

Contemplation: Whatever Moves is Like Dust

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:

Then the Thus-Come One told everyone in the assembly, "All beings need to understand that whatever moves is like the dust and, like a visitor, does not remain.  Just now you saw that it was Ananda's head that moved, while his visual awareness did not move.  It was my hand that opened and closed, while his awareness did not open or close.  How can you take what moves to be your body and its environment, since they come into being and perish in every successive thought?   You have lost track of your true nature, and instead you act out of delusion.  Therefore, because you have lost track of your mind's true nature by identifying yourself with the objects you perceive, you keep on being bound to the cycle of death and rebirth."

Surangama Sutra, p. 45-46

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