10 October 2011

Contemplation: The Teacher

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take this as your object of contemplation (here, Buddha Shakyamuni is addressing Bodhisattva Universal Enlightenment by name):

Universal Enlightenment, you should know
that sentient beings in the Dharma Ending Age
who wish to seek a good teacher
should find one with correct views
whose mind is far away from the Two Vehicles.
The Dharma [he actualizes] should be free
from the four faults of
contrivance, stopping, allowing things
to be as they are, and annihilation.
Approached by the teacher, the should
not be arrogant and proud.
Left by the teacher, they should not be resentful.
When witnessing different conditions displayed by the teacher,
they should regard them as precious rare occurences,
like a Buddha appearing in the world.

from The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment, p. 57

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