03 October 2011

Contemplation: All Things are Teachings of Buddha

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take this as your object of contemplation:

This mental moment is not vertical, not horizontal; it is inconceivable. This is not true only of oneself; Buddhas and sentient beings are also thus. The Flower Ornament Scripture says, "Mind, Buddha, sentient beings--these three have no difference." You should know your own mind contains all the Buddha's principles. The Scripture on Consideration of Benefit says, "The ignorant want to seek enlightenment in the elements of mind and matter, but these elements are themselves it--apart from these there is no enlightenment." The Pure Name Scripture says, "The liberation of Buddhas is to be sought in the mental activities of sentient beings. Sentient beings are enlightenment, which cannot be further attained; sentient beings are nirvana, and cannot be further extinguished." As one mind is thus, so are all minds, and so are all things. When the Contemplation of Universal Good says that Vairochana Buddha is omnipresent, this is what it means. You should know that all tings are teachings of Buddha, because the Buddha is the cosmos.

Chih-i, Stopping and Seeing, pp. 34-35

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