21 September 2010

Contemplation: Happy and Inspired

Review the instructions for practicing contemplation, still the mind, and consider the following:

When I practice the Arising Yoga of the Patron Buddha
I see my body, vivid like a rainbow yet void,
Of which no substance whatsoever can be found.
So I have freed myself from all desires.

All talk is like an echo in a deserted valley.
For it I have neither fancy nor aversion.
So have I exhausted all likes and dislikes.

The Illuminating-Void of Mind
Is like the radiance of the sun and moon,
Without limit or attribute.
Dissolved into it, my ego-clinging becomes nought.

The common human body, word, and mind
Are themselves the Body, Speech, and Wisdom of the Self-Buddha.
Being free from all that's vulgar,
I always feel great happiness and joy.

I am happy because my deeds are in accord with Dharma,
I am inspired because I follow
The right Dharma Path.

(from The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, Trans. by Garma C.C. Chang, p. 376-377).

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