14 September 2010

Contemplation: The fundamental, wondrous mind

Calm the mind, review the instructions for practicing contemplation, and consider this teaching of the Buddhas:

All in the Assembly became aware that their minds pervaded the ten directions and they could see everything throughout space in all ten directions as clearly as one might see an object such as a leaf in the palm of one's hand. They saw that all things in all worlds are the wondrous, fundamental, enlightened, luminous mind that understands, and that this mind, pure, all-pervading, and perfect, contains the entire universe. They looked back upon their own bodies born of their parents and saw them to be like minute particles of dust drifting about everywhere in the air, arising and perishing, or like solitary bubbles floating on vast, calm seas, appearing and then vanishing without a trace. They fully understood that the fundamental, wondrous mind is everlasting and does not perish.

Surangama Sutra (2009 Buddhist Translation Society edition), p. 135

May all beings enjoy the merit.

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