08 December 2014

Contemplation: Wisdom of Bodhi

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your contemplation:
To achieve the perfect Wisdom of Bodhi. "Bodhi," in the Chinese language, means the Way [Tao] or Enlightenment. This is to say that when we look at the lion, we see at once that all conditioned things, without going through the process of disintegration, are from the beginning in a state of quiescent non-existence. By being free from both clinging and detachment, one can follow this path into the ocean of omniscience [sarvaj├▒a]; therefore it is called the Way. To comprehend the fact that from the very no-beginning all illusions are in reality non-existent is called Enlightenment.
 from Fazang's Treatise of the Golden Lion, courtesy of the Zen Site.

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