06 June 2014

Time for Service Practice! Seeking Volunteers...

I write with good news: Our sangha is growing. I would like to continue to nurture that growth, while keeping the close and intimate feeling we've had from the beginning intact. I need some help to make that happen, and to further enrich our current activities.

Here are four volunteer roles--four opportunities for interested sangha members to show leadership and contribute to our little group's health and well-being. If you would like to take on any one of these four, please contact me by email at JikanAnderson@gmail.com ; I look forward to having a good conversation with you about it.

*Outreach & Promotions Lead. This person manages the fliers, greets newcomers when possible, and explores certain kinds of outreach (can we be represented at cultural events in the DC area, for instance). This is a small time commitment, but really every week something needs to be acted on (i.e., is there a flier at St Elmo's?)

*Engaged Practices Lead (might be the same person as Outreach Lead at first): This person recruits sangha members and engages them in social welfare activities (in the past we have worked with Arlington Food Assistance; a sangha member has proposed a regular relationship between our group and a food-relief org in Alexandria that I think is good to start with). This is a long-neglected priority. Something once/monthly or more frequently is needed here.

*Sangha Building Lead (might be the same person as Engaged Practices Lead at first). This person organizes potlucks, events, tea-and-cookies sorts of activities, and other things he or she may come up with. Maybe bowling night, movie night... we know the value of potlucks to bring people together in good faith. We should do something fun once/month together that doesn't require our kesas, that's the point.

*Caring-For-The-Sacred-Space Lead. Down the road, I would like to work with a committed volunteer on keeping our sacred spaces sacred, ensuring we have all the materials (candles, incense, flowers), service books, and supports we need and that these are clean and well-maintained.


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