12 November 2012

Contemplation: To Wish for the Real

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take the following as your object of contemplation:

"Neither what comes into being nor what it comes into being from are based in anything, nor are they a basis for anything.  Beings and the worlds they dwell in have no foundation, and yet, despite their having no foundation, beings and the worlds come into being.

"Confusion about the original perfect understanding results in delusion, but this delusion has no essential nature of its own; it is based on nothing.  One may wish to return to what is real, but to wish for the real is already a falsification.  The true nature of the suchness of reality is not a reality that one can seek to return to.  If one were to try to return to it, one would merely experience something that does not have the attributes of reality."

Surangama Sutra, p. 315

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