26 September 2011

Contemplation: The Supreme Treasure of the Buddhas

After reviewing the guidelines for practice, take this as the object of your contemplation:

Ordinary people caught in bondage are unaware and do not know, like blind children of a rich family sitting in a storehouse of treasures without seeing any of them, just bumping into them when they move and thus being wounded by the treasures. Those of the two vehicles, in their fever, think the treasures are ghosts and tigers, dragons and snakes; they reject them and run away, wandering in misery for fifty-odd years. Although these two types differ in bondage and liberation, both lack the supreme treasure of the Buddhas, those who arrive at thusness. Producing a great compassionate vow to remove their pains and give them happiness is arousing the genuine aspiration for enlightenment, neither in bondage nor in liberation.

Chih-i, Stopping and Seeing

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