05 June 2011

Event: Warm-Up Walk and Potluck Lunch

One of my favorite practices at the Tendai Buddhist Institute is called "kokorodo." It means "the path of the heart." It is a practice undertaken outdoors, in a group but also in a contemplative mode: we walk purposefully (not whimsically or without focus) in single file in the woods and along the hills, mindful of our neighbors and our situation in place, while reciting certain prayers and mantra. This practice engages body, speech, and mind in a coordinated way, and it draws the sangha together in harmony.

It is my intention to engage our sangha in the practice of kokorodo this summer. To prepare, I invite everyone to participate in what I am calling a Warm-Up Walk. This is an opportunity to learn how this practice feels, to get to know your body a bit better, and to get to know each other better too. Afterward, we will meet at my place in Fairfax city for a potluck. So, to the details:

On Saturday, July 16, meet at Jikan's home by 10:00 am, rain or shine. Bring with you clothing appropriate for the weather and the practice (athletic shoes or sturdy walkers, and nothing with text or designs printed or sewn on, just plain colors). Also bring some meatless food or drink to share for the potluck after. We will then caravan to a nearby park, where I will instruct the group in how to carry on this practice, and we will get to work at it. We should make it to our back patio for food and conversation by noon.

If you are interested in joining in, please contact Heather at heather_d_s_anderson at yahoo.com (replace "at" with "@", of course). She will give you directions to our home. You can also join in at our meetup page.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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