06 March 2011

Jikan's Office Hour: Sunday 13 March

I will be holding office hours on Sunday, 13 March, at Caffe Amouri in Vienna, Virginia, starting around 8am.

The idea is to give a venue for Dharma discussion beyond what we have time or space for during our Wednesday night sangha meetings. Here is the format:

I will meet with whomever shows up and has an earnest question about Buddhism, and offer whatever help I can, on a first-come, first-served basis. Students, if you are interested in this, please come prepared with at least one good question. It might help to review this thing.

Practically speaking, if only one person is around, then I will work with that person until time is up or I am out of coffee. But I would really prefer to make sure everyone with a question gets heard. The format should be dialogic. If you feel you need to speak with me privately, that can be arranged at another time and in another venue. If you need help understanding something you are reading, please email me in advance what you would like to ask me about, so I can come prepared.

Caffe Amouri is located at 107 Church St NE, Vienna, VA. I look forward to seeing you there.

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